Fried Tofu Salad

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It’s been hot in LA for last couple of days.  My appetite is going down a little.  Less energy for cooking in front of the oven.  Shorter kitchen work is better!!

Here is 3 steps recipe for fried tofu salad.

1. Tofu (1 pkg) – Drain in a colander or strainer.  After a while, cut tofu into 1 bite size and sprinkle with potato starch. Fry with canola oil (2 Tbs).

2. Sauce – Mix the following ingredients in a bowl.  Mayo (2 Tbs), Oyster sauce (1 Tbs), Soy milk (1 Tbs), Cooking sake (1 tsp), Ground sesame seed (1 Tbs)

3. Arrange the fried tofu with your favorite salad green on a plate

Fried Tofu Salad

Easy, decent voluminous plate under $2 for 2.
Let’s survive the hot summer!

Miso Tandoori Chicken

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I love Indian Food.
When I lived in SF, we ate at Naan ‘N’ Curry very often.  The restaurant isn’t that fancy, but they have great food.  I’ve never met people who said “I don’t like their food!”.  Even person who came from India said “Their food is good!!”  I don’t think I can cook exactly the same, but I can try indian influenced dish!!

What I tried was “Miso Tandoori Chicken”.

Miso Tandoori Chicken

[ingredients for 2]
Chicken breast or thigh   about 1lb (probably 2 – 3 pieces, cut in half)

for marinade
(combine everything in a ziploc bag)
Garlic     1tsp
Ginger     1tsp
Miso     2Tbs
Yogurt     2Tbs
Curry Powder     2Tbs
Soy Sauce     1tsp
Brown Rice Syrup or Honey     1tsp

Mix well and add chicken into the bag and knead.
Leave it in the fridge at least 2 -3 hours, ideally overnight.

Grill chicken in the heated pan (skin part first).
That’s all.

India met Japan in a ziploc bag!!

Stick Cheese Cake

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My husband said “You are weirdo” when I started making cheese cake around 10:30pm last night. I laughed a lot because I thought so. I am weirdo sometimes.

I was reading cooking book and suddenly I started checking ingredients in the fridge. Fortunately I had everything I needed except for lemon. I just wanted to try the cheese cake!

I don’t have a round shape pan, so I used square baker. It came out like this.

Cheese Cake in the Baker

This cheese cake is veeeeeeery easy!! Should try even you don’t have pastry experience. I don’t have much experience either, but could make it!

[ingredients for 11inch x 7inch baker]
Cream Cheese   1box (8oz=226g)   (soften)
Sugar (I used cane sugar)   50g
Eggs   2 (beaten)
Pastry Flour   60g (sifted)
Half & Half  110ml

[How to do it]
Pre-heat oven to 356F.
1.  Mix cream cheese and sugar well.
2.  Add eggs. Make it smooth.
3.  Add flour and half & half. Mix well again.
4.  Pour into the baker and place it in the oven for 50min.

That’s it!!
After baking, letting out the heat from the cheese cake and put it in the fridge over night.

I cut in stick shape.

Stick Cheese Cake

Have some tea or coffee with your cheese cake!

Gyoza (Dumpling) Night!

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My brother and I didn’t like vegetables when we were little.
My mom got the strategy to let the little ones eat vegetables. That was gyoza!

Gyoza means dumpling in Japanese.
It has meat, vegetables like cabbage, napa cabbage, chinese chives, onions. Basically any vegetables can be used.

I made gyoza with ground pork, daikon radish, ginger, shiitake mushrooms this time.

How to wrap it?
It needs some practice, but it’s not that hard.
I started wrapping gyoza when I was 6, 7 years old!

How to Wrap Gyoza

Look at this sexy gyoza!!


I boiled gyoza and put little bit of ponzu(soy souce + vinegar)

Boiled Gyoza


Miso Katsu

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My friend okuyan showed me “Miso Katsu” picture the other day.
I couldn’t help myself! I had to cook it!

“Katsu” means cutlet and it is very popular dish in Japan. (ref. Tonkatsu)

Miso Katsu

Miso Katsu has miso base sauce on top.
This sauce can be used with something else, in different ways.

[ingredients for sauce]
Red miso(hacho miso)   5Tbs
Sugar   1Tbs
Soy sauce  1Tbs
Mirin(cooking sake)   2Tbs
Vegetable & fruits sauce   1Tbs
Ground sesame seed   2Tbs (add at the end)
Soup stock(ideally bonito soup)   80ml

Cook in the sauce pan with low heat until it gets thick.
(For microwave, heat 20 sec and mix, heat again and mix. Repeat until it gets thick.)

At the end, add sesame seed.

I used the sauce with grilled egg plants, rice balls, tofu dish, etc…very tasty!

Farmer’s Market in Downtown LA

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Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday in downtown LA.

Farmer's Market

They have a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, bread, flowers and many more!!
These are what I got today.


Today’s Special!! 2 bunches of radish for just $1!!!


Radish Marinade

marinated_radishSlice the radish (very thin slice).
Sprinkle salt and leave about 10min.
Drain and squeeze water a little after that.
Add apple vinegar, olive oil, lemon pepper and mix well.


Map – Farmer’s Market in Downtown LA

Corn Bread

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I got dry yeast finally!
This time I tried “Corn Bread”.

Corn Bread

Very fluffy inside and crunchy outside!
I used juice(water?) in the corn can. It added sweet taste.

Favorite Dinnerware

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When I was a kid, my mom took me to the shops which had a lot of pottery pieces.  And she often told me what she wanted to put in those pieces. That was fun and I really enjoyed pottery pieces she bought and food she cooked for us.

Now my mom and I live in different countries, far away each other, but I am enjoying the pottery pieces I bought just like she did, no, she’s still doing!


When I lived in San Francisco, my friend invited me to the pottery fair at Golden Gate Park.
I bought a lot of pieces. I would have bought more If I could…

They had beautiful plates, bowls, cups made by local potters and students.

I think I need to explore about pottery fairs in LA. I’m missing them.

Hiya Yakko : Tofu meets Tomato

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We love tofu and cook in many different ways often.
Tofu can be main dish, side dish and also desert!

It’s been hot recently and I needed something refreshyyyy!!
Hiya yakko (Cold tofu) is a great side dish for hot summer! Standard toppings in Japan are green onion, grated ginger, bonito flakes, etc… I used what I had in the fridge this time.


[ingredients for 2]
Tofu (Soft tofu)  1 pkg
Small ripe tomato 1 (chopped)
Queso Fresco cheese (crumbled) 2 Tbs
Ground sesame seed

[how to do it]
1. Mix the chopped tomato and Queso Fresco
2. Put the tofu(cut in half) in a small bowl and place tomato & cheese on top of it
3. Sprinkle ground sesame seed & tiny bit of soy sauce

That’s it!

I am trying new toppings for tofu recently. I put soy sauce tiny bit this time, but vinegar dressing next time, maybe…and basil leaf.

What’s next??

Shigure Nabe

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Shigure Nabe

Because I am from Japan, we eat a lot of Japanese dishes. Not only SUSHI!!
You see the pot on the stove. We call this style dish “NABE”.

Today I want to introduce “Shigure Nabe”. My style is slightly different that original ones.

Daikon radish 1 (about 12inches) – grated
Tofu 1 pack – cut into 2-bites size
Kombu(dried seaweed for adding subtle taste. about 3in x 6in.) – cut into small pieces

These 3 ingredients are must.  If you are not in good condition, this is it.
If you want to eat more, add vegges like bok choy and pork or chicken.

We added shiitake mushroom(cut in half), bok choy(thickly sliced) and pork(thin sliced) last night.

[how to cook]
1. On the grated daikon radish, put other ingredients.
2. Add a cup of water and cook with the lid in midium heat about 10-15min.
3. Check if everything is cooked.

That’s it.

Scoop tofu and other stuff from the pot and put them in a bowl. Add ponzu(soy sauce , vinegar, sake, sugar, lemon juice mixed).

This is not summer food, but still good and healthy!!