Pain au lait + Chow mein=??

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When I was little, I often asked my mom to buy me sandwich and bread, etc at bakery. They looked very yummy and pretty, always caught my eyes. I still love looking around at the bakery.

This is one of my favorites. As you see, it’s chow mein sandwich.

Yakisoba Pan

I baked “Pain au lait” because I wanted make and eat this today!

We call it “Yakisoba(chow mein) Pan(pain)” in Japan. When I saw “Yakisoba Pan” in a Japanese market, I told my husband it was my favorite. The first thing he said was “Wow, that’s carb & carb!!”  That’s right, it’s carb & carb!! I can’t describe well, but it has fluffy bread texture and chow mein sauce adds nice taste to it. Plus bread and noodle combination!!

I can’t help it!  It’s so yummy!!

Om Rice

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Here is my today’s lunch “Om Rice”!

Om Rice

I was thinking of om rice since last night. Don’t know why.

Om rice is one of Japanese Yo-Shoku which is Japanese dish influenced by Western dish. It looks like regular omelette. And inside…it has ketchup flavored pan fried rice!

Long time ago,  my friend was eating omlette with ketchup. It’s very popular way to eat in Japan. Anyway, People who saw her eating said “Why ketchup?”  And I knew omlette with ketchup is not so popular here. But it’s so good. Eggs + ketchup flavor!! Just try a little and if you like it, then, try om rice. Make fried rice and add ketchup at the end. Wrap it with fluffy omelette.

We have more “om” dishes. My favorite is “Om Soba”.  “Soba” is one of  Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. This case “Soba” means pan fried noodle using Chinese style noodle. So inside of omelette, you will see pan fried noodle. It’s also good!!

I don’t remember when, but I had strange period I kept eating om rice everyday using different ingredients.  Probably next couple of days I will eat om rice.

The Cupcake Boom??

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My friend came over from Japan last month.
We spend great time, talking, driving around the city, shopping and eating.

I realized she was enjoying buying cupcake recipe book, cupcake pan, cupcake tools and CUPCAKES!!  I asked her if cupcakes are recent popularity. The answer was “Oh, yes.”

Cupcakes are not just cupcakes anymore. Making cupcakes is art!! Look at this blog post.
Amazing cupcakes!!

We found one small cupcake shop, Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica.


Their cupcakes are not like character decoration type, but very nice and cute. And taste?  Top part with a lot of cream was a little bit too sweet for me, but bottom part(cake) was very tasty. They are doing great job on that.

Yummy Cupcakes
313 Wilshire Blvd 90401

I might want to try cupcakes someday, but for now I want to see more creative cupcakes by friends or other people.