Custard Pudding

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Please don’t ask me “Why custard pudding in the club?”  But I really loved the custard pudding I ate in the club, Maharaja in Japan.  It doesn’t exist any more.  They served good food for a club and we didn’t have to eat before going there, very convenient!  They had sweet stuff too.  One of them was custard pudding.  I still can’t forget that taste and texture.  Very creamy, bold and firm but not too firm, perfect thickness…ahhh, I can’t explain well!!

I have tried a lot of puddings so far, but still not found that taste and texture yet.  So I think I need to make by myself…

Hmmm…something is missing…I need to try again.  If I can make good one next time, I’ll invite my friend “L”.  

3 eggs + 1 yolk
half & half 375ml
sugar 60g
vanilla extract 2 tsp

for caramel sauce
sugar 150g
water 3 Tbs
hot water 75ml

Custard Pudding




[ 材料 ]
卵 3コ + 黄身 1コ
half & half(牛乳と生クリーム半々) 375ml
砂糖 60g
vanilla extract(バニラオイル) 2 tsp

砂糖 150g
水 3 Tbs
熱湯 75ml

Custard Pudding

Alcove Cafe & Bakery

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My ideal living environment is somewhere I can walk around and enjoy trees and flowers, and has new and old things together…

Los Feliz is a laid back residential area which we can enjoy walking.  There are nice cafes, restaurants and shops, but not super fancy.  People just sit and have good time with friends or families.  Oh, sounds like my ideal environment!?

The cafe, Alcove Cafe & Bakery, is located in this area.  It has a nice well designed patio garden with tables. The sun comes through the trees.  How nice!  My husband and I went there after lunch.  So we just had a cake and a bread pudding with drinks.  The cake was a rich and heavy chocolate cake, pretty good one.  And the bread pudding…WOW it’s biiiiiig and soooooo tasty!!  Again, it’s very big!  We’ll definitely try other plates next time!

Alcove Cafe & Bakery
(Screenshot of Alcove Cafe & Bakery web site)

Alcove Cafe & Bakery
1929 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

前に住んでいた所が歩いて楽しめる、それはそれは大好きな街だったせいか、そういう雰囲気の所を探し求めてしまう情けない私・・・;-;。何をするにも車のLAでは歩いて街を楽しむなんてことはまあないなぁと後ろ向きの私でもちょっと楽しめる感じをもっているのがLos Feliz。ここはのんびりしていて、花や緑がきれいな通りを赤ちゃん連れのママさんや犬を連れた人たちが散歩をしていたり、歩き回れる範囲にカフェやレストランがあって悪くない。

そんなエリアの一角にあるのがAlcove Cafe & Bakery。いい感じに光が差し込むようなガーデンのテーブルでおしゃべりや食事を楽しんでいる人々。なんか楽しげ〜。




Tomato & Gobo Chowder

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Eat vegetable, eat vegetable, eat vegetableeeeeee!  This is our “eat vegetable” song.  Anyway, eating vegetable with variety is harder than I thought.  Salad, stew, grilled, and soup…anything else I have ever tried??

I am a soup lover.  Sometimes with noodle, sometimes with bread, sometimes with rice…  When I had cram chowder for the first time, I couldn’t stop eating and of course ate all including the bread bowl.  Wow, that was so good!  So chowder is always one of my favorite soups.

In Japan, gobo(burdock root) is very popular vegetable and people often cook with other vegetable or meat.  It’s crunchy and has nice flavor.  It definitely tastes better than it looks.  

OK, soup of the day is tomato chowder with that flavorful gobo.  I also added some vegees.

gobo, onion, corn, broccoli, broccoli stem, shimeji mushroom
tomato can, chicken stock, half & half

Tomato Chowder

Tomato Chowder


[ 材料 ]


Pasta Salad with Mini Heirloom Tomatoes

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Finding good tomatoes is one of the difficult things.  Since I found heirloom tomatoes, I can’t be satisfied with other ones.  Not only with the taste, they amuse me with the colors.  

Pasta salad with these tomatoes, watercress, artichoke hearts.  Dressing is very simple olive oil vinaigrette.  Yum!

mini heirloom tomatoes, artichoke hearts, watercress and fusilli
olive oil vinaigrette: lemon juice, olive oil, sushi vinegar, salt & pepper

Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad



[ 材料 ]
ドレッシング: レモン汁、オリーブオイル、すし酢、塩、コショウ