Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar

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Today’s snack, rolled oats & walnuts bar. Original recipe was made by Japanese pastry artist, Takako Inada. I couldn’t find some ingredients for it in my kitchen, so I replaced with something I had. Very nice sweet taste from brown sugar and maple syrup. Pieces of walnuts added extra texture and flavor. Yum!

[ ingredients ]
butter 80g
brown sugar 25g
maple syrup 1 Tbs
rolled oats 150g
whole grain flour 25g
walnuts 30g
salt 1 pinch
milk 1/2 Tbs

Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar

Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar


[ 材料 ]
バター 80g
ブラウンシュガー 25g
メープルシロップ 大さじ1
押しオーツ麦 150g
全粒粉 25g
クルミ 30g
塩 1つまみ
牛乳 大さじ1/2

2 Comments on “Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar”

  1. 1 Robert said at 11:36 am on October 29th, 2010:

    Junko – how did you bake this? What temperature and how long? I added raisins to mine.

  2. 2 junko said at 6:53 pm on October 31st, 2010:

    Hi Robert,

    Temperature was about 340°F and baked it for about 30 minutes. After taking out from the oven, let it cool and cut.

    Right! Original recipe had raisins (unfortunately I didn’t have… ) . Must be good with them.

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