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I have practiced baking sponge cakes these day, and then I thought “Who is going to eat all these cakes?” We are not a big family here, just my husband and me. Plus, he has been on a diet!

“How can I get his attention, and have him eat some cakes??” Haha! He loves cheese! I know cheese cream will catch his eyes. So today’s dessert is going to be tiramisu.

The cream seems a little bit thin, and might be better to have slightly sour flavor with cream cheese. It will be better tiramisu next time!

[ ingredients ]
mascarpone cheese 225g
heavy whipping cream 50g
egg yolks 2
granulated sugar 45g

sponge cake
instant coffee




[ 材料 ]
マスカルポーネ 225g
生クリーム 50g
卵黄 2コ分
グラニュー糖 45g