Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!! (a little bit late though…^^)

My husband and I visited my family in Japan for 1 month. We spent time with our family and friends, very special time of the year. Of course, I enjoyed food!! Now I need to cook diet food for a while…

Wishing you a wonderful year 2011!



Happy New Year

Harumi Kurihara Cooking & Talk Show

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Harumi Kurihara Cooking & Talk Show

昨日はトーランスのMarriott South Bayで開催された『栗原はるみ 料理&トークショー』へ行ってきました。料理は近くで見たくて、12時半の開場よりちょっと早めに行ったらすでに列が出来始めているところでした。並んでいると、あれよあれよという間に列は長くなっていって、ついに列は外にはみ出るほどに。500人のファンが集まったのだそうです。




One Beautiful Day

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It was a great day to spend time in the park.  People were lying down and reading books on the grass, chatting, having BBQ, laughing…  

My friends’ daughter enjoyed flying her kite.  She loves her kite, it has Sesame Street characters on it.  Wait a minute.  She’s not looking at hers!  Yeah, little ones are always looking for something interesting and fun!!  Poor Sesame Street kite.

One Beautiful Day




Kuromame(Black Bean) Diet

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My mother sometimes gets diet information and calls me from Japan.  It was “olive oil diet” one time.  And it was “banana diet” some other time.

This time, as you see in the title, it is “kuromame (black bean) diet”.  Just eat kuromames(70 grams) everyday.  That’s all.  No need to skip any meals.

It is usually said food which has black color (for example, black sesame, seaweed and etc) has health benefits.  Black beans help smooth blood circulation, control body fat and high blood pressure.  And girls!  Black beans are good for our skin too.  So I’ve just started eating them.  I hope they help my fat go away and also my skin get better.

Kuromame(Black Bean)




The Cupcake Boom??

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My friend came over from Japan last month.
We spend great time, talking, driving around the city, shopping and eating.

I realized she was enjoying buying cupcake recipe book, cupcake pan, cupcake tools and CUPCAKES!!  I asked her if cupcakes are recent popularity. The answer was “Oh, yes.”

Cupcakes are not just cupcakes anymore. Making cupcakes is art!! Look at this blog post.
Amazing cupcakes!!

We found one small cupcake shop, Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica.


Their cupcakes are not like character decoration type, but very nice and cute. And taste?  Top part with a lot of cream was a little bit too sweet for me, but bottom part(cake) was very tasty. They are doing great job on that.

Yummy Cupcakes
313 Wilshire Blvd 90401

I might want to try cupcakes someday, but for now I want to see more creative cupcakes by friends or other people.

Favorite Dinnerware

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When I was a kid, my mom took me to the shops which had a lot of pottery pieces.  And she often told me what she wanted to put in those pieces. That was fun and I really enjoyed pottery pieces she bought and food she cooked for us.

Now my mom and I live in different countries, far away each other, but I am enjoying the pottery pieces I bought just like she did, no, she’s still doing!


When I lived in San Francisco, my friend invited me to the pottery fair at Golden Gate Park.
I bought a lot of pieces. I would have bought more If I could…

They had beautiful plates, bowls, cups made by local potters and students.

I think I need to explore about pottery fairs in LA. I’m missing them.

What to Eat Tonight

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My husband and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE cheese, fries, pastas & etc. We love chubby makers. And super bad thing is that we eat dinner very late at night sometimes.

We still enjoying pinching our bellies as joking, but we realized that it’s time to change how to eat!

Let’s see what we can eat, what we can eat tonight. Damn, it’s already 7pm!!

Just Started

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I love eating.
I love cooking.

This blog is just like little notes to see what my husband & I enjoy eating…