Home-Made Pasta with Corn & Parsley Pesto

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Corn had to be yellow for me until I tried white ones for the first time.  Because I didn’t know white corn tasted that sweet!  This year I have bought a lot of corns and enjoy eating boiled, grilled, with salad, as corn bread… I LOVE corns.  I think I love the boiled one with salt the best.  But I tried a new corn plate, home made pasta with corn & parsley pesto.

I still remember the day my husband made lunch for me right after we started dating.  It was basil pesto pasta.  I had never tried pesto back then, so it was a kind of “wow!”  I could taste a lot of different flavors like basil, pinenuts, Parmesan cheese and garlic.  All ingredients got together and made perfect flavor.  After my first “wow” pesto experience, I have always enjoyed any kind of pesto sauce.

Today I made corn & parsley pesto sauce.  Red chili pepper flakes were added to it, so the pesto sauce has sweet and a little bit spicy taste together.  In addition to putting parsley in the pesto sauce, I sprinkled chopped parsley.  Smelled so good!

[ ingredients ]
For pesto sauce
parmesan cheese
red chili pepper flakes
deep fried bacon chips

For pasta
eggs 2
olive oil 2 tsp
semolina flour 240 g

Corn Parsley Pesto





[ 材料 ]

卵 2コ
オリーブオイル 小さじ 2
セモリナ粉 240 g

Spaghetti and Meatballs

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We see and taste a lot of delicious dishes from all over the world.  We can get recipes online easily.  

I try to cook something new and of course I enjoy new dishes.  But even I enjoy new dishes and want to learn more new stuff, I often go back to very simple dishes without any fancy ingredients.

“Spagetti and Meatballs” is one of those simple dishes.  It’s simple that’s why it’s very popular without being left behind.  I am writing this while thinking about my mother’s tomato sauce spaghetti…

[ingredients for marinara sauce]
canned tomato (28oz) 2
garlic cloves 2 (minced)
onion (medium size, chopped) 1
red pepper 2 (crushed)

[how to do it]
Heat the olive (3 Tbs) in the pan over medium heat.  Stir fry the garlic lightly (don’t burn) and add chopped onion.  Cook until it gets soft and golden.  Add crushed red pepper and stir to release the flavor.  And pour the tomatoes with the juice into the pan. Bring to boil.  Add salt to season.  Stir frequently and cook it for about 30 min.

Spaghetti Meatballs

Spaghetti & Meatballs




トマト缶 (793 g、よくつぶしておく) 2缶
ニンニク 2かけ (みじん切り)
タマネギ (Mサイズって言う?中ぐらいのことです。みじん切り) 1コ
鷹の爪 2本 (小さく砕く)


Miso Tandoori Chicken

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I love Indian Food.
When I lived in SF, we ate at Naan ‘N’ Curry very often.  The restaurant isn’t that fancy, but they have great food.  I’ve never met people who said “I don’t like their food!”.  Even person who came from India said “Their food is good!!”  I don’t think I can cook exactly the same, but I can try indian influenced dish!!

What I tried was “Miso Tandoori Chicken”.

Miso Tandoori Chicken

[ingredients for 2]
Chicken breast or thigh   about 1lb (probably 2 – 3 pieces, cut in half)

for marinade
(combine everything in a ziploc bag)
Garlic     1tsp
Ginger     1tsp
Miso     2Tbs
Yogurt     2Tbs
Curry Powder     2Tbs
Soy Sauce     1tsp
Brown Rice Syrup or Honey     1tsp

Mix well and add chicken into the bag and knead.
Leave it in the fridge at least 2 -3 hours, ideally overnight.

Grill chicken in the heated pan (skin part first).
That’s all.

India met Japan in a ziploc bag!!

Miso Katsu

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My friend okuyan showed me “Miso Katsu” picture the other day.
I couldn’t help myself! I had to cook it!

“Katsu” means cutlet and it is very popular dish in Japan. (ref. Tonkatsu)

Miso Katsu

Miso Katsu has miso base sauce on top.
This sauce can be used with something else, in different ways.

[ingredients for sauce]
Red miso(hacho miso)   5Tbs
Sugar   1Tbs
Soy sauce  1Tbs
Mirin(cooking sake)   2Tbs
Vegetable & fruits sauce   1Tbs
Ground sesame seed   2Tbs (add at the end)
Soup stock(ideally bonito soup)   80ml

Cook in the sauce pan with low heat until it gets thick.
(For microwave, heat 20 sec and mix, heat again and mix. Repeat until it gets thick.)

At the end, add sesame seed.

I used the sauce with grilled egg plants, rice balls, tofu dish, etc…very tasty!