Gobo Potage

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It’s a GOBO day!  

The other day, I was coming back home from the supermarket.  
I bought a pack of gobos that day.  Usually gobo bags are pretty long and they stick out from the shopping bags.  Anyway, I bought it and was walking with the shopping bag which had a gobo bag sticking out.  I saw some people looking at my gobo bag as if they were saying “What the heck is that??”

Although Asian food has become very popular and we can get Asian ingredients easily, still there are some unfamiliar things for people here.  This “what the heck” vegetable is one of them.  But it has pretty good veggie UMAMI and it goes well with other veggies or meat stuff.  But still needs some time to become popular…I think.

Today I made potage soup with gobo.  And put some gobo chips on top as garnish.  

Gobo Potage

Gobo Potage