Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar

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Today’s snack, rolled oats & walnuts bar. Original recipe was made by Japanese pastry artist, Takako Inada. I couldn’t find some ingredients for it in my kitchen, so I replaced with something I had. Very nice sweet taste from brown sugar and maple syrup. Pieces of walnuts added extra texture and flavor. Yum!

[ ingredients ]
butter 80g
brown sugar 25g
maple syrup 1 Tbs
rolled oats 150g
whole grain flour 25g
walnuts 30g
salt 1 pinch
milk 1/2 Tbs

Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar

Rolled Oats & Walnuts Bar


[ 材料 ]
バター 80g
ブラウンシュガー 25g
メープルシロップ 大さじ1
押しオーツ麦 150g
全粒粉 25g
クルミ 30g
塩 1つまみ
牛乳 大さじ1/2

Blueberry Muffins

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Testing, testing!

I tried lots of different muffin recipes, but couldn’t find my favorite ones. One had too much oil, the other one was too dry, etc… So I am exploring my favorite mix of ingredients.

Wounder if whole grain flour has more flavor. Muffins taste better, I feel.

[ ingredients ]
whole grain flour 180g
butter 75g
baking powder 1 tsp
sugar 65g
yogurt 150ml
whole egg 1
egg white 2

Blueberry Muffins



[ 材料 ]
全粒粉 180g
バター 75g
ベーキングパウダー 1 tsp
砂糖 65g
ヨーグルト 150ml
全卵 1コ
卵白 2コ分

Bouchée with Chocolate Cream

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This pastry, Bouchée, looks like cookies, but the texture is a lot softer and more fluffy. Today’s filling is caramel chocolate cream. This cream is not just sweet, it also has a bit of bitter taste from the caramel sauce. I just want to scoop the cream and eat it! Can I say more? Then I want to be covered with chocolate cream!! Wow, it’s so dangerous!

About the Bouchée, the batter was a little bit more loose than I thought. I need to try again to make it right.

[ ingredients for filling ]
for caramel sauce
· sugar 50g
· water 1 Tbs
· hot water 25ml
· heavy cream 50ml

chocolate 80g
heavy cream 60ml
sugar 5g
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp 







[ フィリングの材料 ]
· 砂糖 50g
· 水 1 Tbs
· 熱湯 25ml
· 生クリーム 50ml

チョコレート 80g
生クリーム 60ml
砂糖 5g
バニラオイル 1/2 tsp 

Beignet – American Style

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I ate “beignets”, American ones, at coffee shops somewhere in Japan before.  The reason I said “American ones” is that there are two different types of “beignet”, one is American and the other one is French.  Well, the word “beignet” is obviously NOT an English word.  So I should have noticed that “beignets” were originally from France.

American ones are just like donuts.  French ones are deep-fried with filling which reminds me of Japanese tempura.  

Anyway, they were pretty good.  I was just thinking about them a couple of days ago and I had to make them!  Oh, they were so tasty.  Now I have to go for French ones!

[ ingredients ]
bread flour 250g
whole grain pastry flour 50g
sugar 2 Tbs
salt pinch
dry yeast 1 tsp
butter 30g
yolk 2 + heavy cream = 220g




[ 材料 ]
強力粉 250g
全粒粉 50g
砂糖 大さじ2
塩 ひとつまみ
ドライイースト 小さじ1
バター 30g
卵黄 2コ分 + 生クリーム = 220g

Gateau Au Chocolat

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I was not a baking person before.  When I wanted to eat some sweets, I just bought them.  On the other hand, my mother was enjoying baking often.  Someone told me baking needed precise measurements.  I think that was the reason I avoided baking.  

It was a few days before my mother’s birthday long time ago.  I just got a random thought, “I am going to bake a birthday cake for her!!”  I had never baked cakes, or even simple cookies.  But I started looking for the recipes anyway.  And I found Gateau Au Chocolat recipe.  It was very straight forward and I thought I could do it.  I was following the directions one by one.  But, again, I had no baking experience and I started feeling super busy moving this way and that way to do the whole baking process.  And finally I put the cake pan into the oven. Phew… Next moment what I saw on the table was cocoa powder in a bowl which was supposed to be in the cake mixture!!  Nooooooo!  I opened the oven door and get the cake pan to add cocoa powder.  I totally missed the one of the steps.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was for my mother.

But, you know what?  Believe it or not, the cake was not that bad!  My mother enjoyed it and I enjoyed it.  After that I didn’t bake until last year.  Although I have no idea what brought me to the baking world again, I have really enjoyed it.

This year my husband’s birthday came and I asked him what cake he wanted to eat.  The answer was “Chocolate cake.”  Yes, he is a chocolate lover.  I baked a Gateau Au Chocolat again.  I think I did a lot better job than my first Gateau Au Chocolat.  Looks good?

Gateau au chocolat

Gateau au chocolat






Snowball Almond Cookies

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We, Japanese people, combine the words from other countries and the ones we have.  We create our own words and also our own ways to say things sometimes.

When I saw the recipe (writen in Japanese) which had almond powder/meal for the first time, I got a big question mark in my head.  Because I saw the word “アーモンドプードル(pronunciation: amondo pudoru).”  It sounded just like “almond poodle.”  Poodle??  Poodle?  What I had in my head was a image of fluffy hair dog.  Why poodle!!  Of course, it was not about the dog.  The “プードル(poodle)” was actually from a French word “poudre” which meant “powder.”  A-ha!  

Wow that was a long story about almond powder…did my story make sense??  Anyway, I didn’t have fancy “almond poudre” today, so I coarsely ground almond with a food processor.  Since it was coarse powder, I could feel tiny almond pieces in my mouth.  Love the lumpy texture!

It doesn’t look like snowballs?  Well, still early.
Next time, I will put more snow when snow season comes.

[ ingredients ]
pastry flour 80g
butter 70g
almond (peeled) 80g
sugar 45g

[ baking ]
355°F for 20 min – 23 min

Snowball Almond Cookies

Snowball Almond Cookies




[ 材料 ]
小麦粉 80g
バター 70g
アーモンド(皮なし) 80g
砂糖 45g

[ 焼く ]
180°Cで20分 – 23分


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What do you make when you have egg white in the fridge?
I only had one egg white.  Too little for a cake… hmmm…
Drink it??  Nooooo!

Then I made marshmallows.  Cocoa flavored marshmallows.
I know, I know, cocoa flavored again.  Because I love cocoa flavor!!
Also I made hot cocoa (too much?) and put marshmallows into it.

I learned taking pictures of marshmallows in the hot drinks was tricky.
As soon as putting them, they start melting.  So there is no time to do like “Ok, put the cup here and there…” or “Gonna change the layout.”  it’s better to know compositions you want in advance.





Cocoa Bolos

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“Bolo” means “cake” in Portuguese.  Just like cookies, basic ingredients are flour, eggs and sugar.

Cocoa Bolo

The bolos I ate when I was little were very small balls and had slightly sweet taste.  They are still little ones favorite in Japan.  When I see kids eating bolos, I want to say “Give me one!!”  Grown-ups also love bolos like this.

Japanese bolos contain potato starch, egg and sugar.  I made bolos for grown-ups today.  Cocoa taste bolos.  Can’t stop eating!

Cocoa Bolo


Cocoa Bolo


Custard Pudding

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Please don’t ask me “Why custard pudding in the club?”  But I really loved the custard pudding I ate in the club, Maharaja in Japan.  It doesn’t exist any more.  They served good food for a club and we didn’t have to eat before going there, very convenient!  They had sweet stuff too.  One of them was custard pudding.  I still can’t forget that taste and texture.  Very creamy, bold and firm but not too firm, perfect thickness…ahhh, I can’t explain well!!

I have tried a lot of puddings so far, but still not found that taste and texture yet.  So I think I need to make by myself…

Hmmm…something is missing…I need to try again.  If I can make good one next time, I’ll invite my friend “L”.  

3 eggs + 1 yolk
half & half 375ml
sugar 60g
vanilla extract 2 tsp

for caramel sauce
sugar 150g
water 3 Tbs
hot water 75ml

Custard Pudding




[ 材料 ]
卵 3コ + 黄身 1コ
half & half(牛乳と生クリーム半々) 375ml
砂糖 60g
vanilla extract(バニラオイル) 2 tsp

砂糖 150g
水 3 Tbs
熱湯 75ml

Custard Pudding

Nectarine Mousse

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It’s not that easy to use up all the vegetable and fruits before they get old.  Sometimes it’s because they are in the back of the fridge and can’t be seen, sometimes we just forget… I feel terrible when I have to put them in the garbage bag.  So I try not to waste, meaning cook/bake things.

Recently my husband said “I’m getting chubby.”  Oh-oh…I knew it!!  I am sorry, my husband.  But I had to use nectarines and cream cheese which I found in the fridge this time.  So I made nectarine mousse.  Left-overs turned into dessert!!  It’s very light & smooth texture.  And not that much sugar as usual.  Does it help?

nectarines 2
cream cheese 115g(soften)
yogurt 150g
sugar 15g
lemon juice 1 Tbs
gelatin 3g
water 15ml(for gelatin)

[how to do it]

  1. dissolve gelatin by pouring water and set aside.
  2. put sugar in the lemon juice, so that sugar melt in it. add it to yogurt.
  3. put small-cut nectarines in the food processor to puree. add yogurt and mix well.
  4. make cream cheese smooth by whisking. add nectarine yogurt mixture into it. mix well.
  5. microwave the gelatin for 5 – 10 seconds (Don’t make it hot). add the liquid gelatin into #4 and mix.
  6. pour the mixture in the small glass cups or cocottes and store in the fridge for a few hours.

Nectarine Mousse



ネクタリン 2個
クリームチーズ 115g(冷蔵庫から出して柔らかくしておく。またはレンジに約10秒かけて柔らかくする)
ヨーグルト 150g(水切りはしない)
砂糖 15g
レモン汁 大さじ1
粉ゼラチン 3g
水 15ml(ゼラチン用)


  1. 粉ゼラチンに水を加えふやかしておく。
  2. レモン汁に砂糖を入れて溶かし、ヨーグルトに加え混ぜておく。
  3. フードプロセッサーにネクタリンを小さく切って入れ、ピューレ状にする。続けてヨーグルトを入れしっかり混ぜる。
  4. 柔らかくしておいたクリームチーズを泡立て器でクリーム状になるまで混ぜ、3と混ぜ合わせる。
  5. ふやかしたゼラチンを5〜10秒レンジにかけ(沸騰させないよう注意)液状にしてから4に入れて混ぜる。
  6. 容器に入れて冷蔵庫で2〜3時間冷やす。