Potter Akio Nukaga’s Piece

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Two weekends ago, potter Akio Nukaga came to LA from Japan for his exhibition at Heath Ceramics. I couldn’t make it to the opening and demonstrations over that week, but could go to see his pieces last weekend. His pieces had strong but delicate restrained beauty. They were fine Japanese pottery pieces made from Japanese clay.

Akio has his studio in Kasama region well known for pottery, Kasama-yaki. Kasama was also hit by the big earthquake on March 11. A lot of kilns got damaged and potters have been struggling to rebuild. Even under this difficult situation, they are planning to have annual pottery event, “Himatsuri”. I think it will show the strength of people and become the great influence to recover.

It’s been tough and confused, but that day, his pieces gave me something and now I feel more energy to keep moving forward.

Akio Nukaga's piece

Akio Nukaga's piece

二週間前、LAのHeath Ceramicsで陶芸家額賀章夫さんの個展が開かれました。オープニングのあった週には行けなかったのですが、先週末作品を見に行きました。